Ristorante italiano Buschetto is italian restaurant on Wenceslas Square, a few steps from one of our other establishments Restaurant - Café St. Wenceslas. Buschetto can boast not only the individuality and unique interior in Italian style, but also wide selection of meals, drinks and wine list. From the restaurant you can taste not only Italian cuisine but come here for their lovers and meat dishes. You will find Argentinean steak and seafood dishes prepared with fish and other seafood. The wine list offers Italian wines. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned in the summer months to use the outdoor garden, where you can watch the panorama Wenceslas Square.

One of the biggest pirates in the Pacific in the sixteenth century was Marty Buschetto. His mother was originally from Bohemia and his father was Italian. Marty Buschetto and his ship were in the services of the Queen of Spain and primarily attacked English ships. He was even ennobled for his heroic actions. During one attack on an English ship, a beautiful girl called Marie was taken prisoner. She came from Prague and Marty Buschetto fell head over heels in love with her. He asked Marie for her hand and she agreed, under the condition that Buschetto would abandon piracy and settle down with her in Prague, where her parents were among the richest burghers. After thinking for a long time, Marty accepted her condition and complied with it. As a wedding gift they got a house that stood on the spot of today's restaurant from Marie's parents. As Marty was an active person, he opened an inn and wine cellar on the ground floor and imported great Italian wine for it. During his trips to Italy for wine, he was so attracted by pizza production that he learned several recipes and became the first person in Prague to bake a pizza. As he was a great storyteller, his inn was always full, not just because of the great wines and pizza, but in particular because of his incredible tales from the time when he was a pirate.

  • Beef Hanger(180 g beef, root vegetables, peppers, potatoes, beef gravy)

    Beef Hanger
    (180 g beef, root vegetables, peppers, potatoes, beef gravy)

  • Carpaccio alla Romana(80 g beef sirloin, Parmesan cheese, basil, rocket)

    Carpaccio alla Romana
    (80 g beef sirloin, Parmesan cheese, basil, rocket)

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